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Each class has five steps:
(1) A lecture to introduce the subject,
full documentation to download (3) a step-by-step lesson to take you from the beginning to the the end of a task (including short video demonstrations), (4) evaluation of your work by a certified instructor, and (5) Tips & Tricks to print out and keep next to your computer along with your Certificate of Completion.


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MS- Word AutoText Class
FREE - Just Click Here!

Merge Feature Class - $12.95

Creating a merge document in Microsoft® Word 2003 is done in 6 simple steps. This For The Love Of Software on-line class will take you through each of these steps ... in an easy-to-learn fashion using Excel for your database. You'll be doing merge documents before you know it!

Auto Numbers and Bulleted Lists Class - $12.95

This For The Love Of Software class will teach you to use and control the automatic numbering and bulleted list feature. You may never type numbers again for a list. This is a simple feature you will love once you see how easy it is.


Using the Ruler Class

Shortcut Keys

Creating a Rule - $12.95

This class will teach you how to creating a Rule to make things happen automatically in Outlook. For instance, you may want all messages from a certain person moved to a specific folder (like to the deleted items :-)) or play a special sound when mail from a praticular person arrives. Just follow the steps and e-mail me if you have a question. You'll love it.


Task Pane

Slide Design

Custom Animation

Formatting Cells

Manuvering the Cells