Microsoft 2003

Okay, Let's Do It!
Auto Text Lesson


The training videos are better if
the computer screen settings are 1024x768

Step 1.

Type the text for the AutoText entry just as you want it to appear in the document. In a Word document, create your signature by entering this text:


      Sandi Grandberry, M.Ed. (enter your own name)

Show Me (Entering Text)

Step 2.

Step two is to select/highlight the text. When the text is properly selected, it is all shaded like the text shown here.

Show Me HighlightText

Step 3.

Now you will create and name your AutoText entry.

Show Me CreateAndNameAutoText

Step 4.

Letís test the AutoText we just created.

Show Me TestAutoText

Step 5.

If you no longer want an AutoText Entry you can delete it from the AutoText list.

Show Me DeleteAutoText

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  • What if I get a message that the autotext name I typed already exists?
  • ANSWER: This means you have an entry with the same name you just used. If it is something you use all the time, select another name for the entry you just created. If you don't use the existing autotext, you can use the name you have already chosen and simply overwrite the existing one when it asks if you want to.